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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I add my own questions to the Contact Form?
Yes. Go to the Advanced Settings page of your account and on that page you will see the section for adding your own questions to Availability Checker, Quote Generator, and Contact Form. You can also add your own questions to the Booking System by going into the Booking System configuration page of your account. Custom timelines, planning forms, and surveys can also be created according to your specifications. Please visit the respective sections for these tools within your account.

Please keep in mind that adding questions to the contact forms will decrease response rate. Our forms ask just the right questions to obtain the highest response rate possible. If you add questions, you will find that less people will fill out the forms because they will find them longer and more tedious. So while it is great to be able to obtain tons of information from the contact form, it is not in the best interest of getting more inquiries and leads through your website.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
Since I've added your service to my web site my bookings have increased!
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