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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is email address a required field on every tool?
Email is truly the future of coordinated contact. While it will never take the place of telephone or personal contact, email will play a vital role in how you get people information and how they respond with questions. Our tools help you to interact with clients and website visitors via the web. Research has shown that many people are reluctant to provide telephone number, address, or other personal sensitive information over the web. But they are willing to provide their email address as a main form of contact. Because of this, our tools only require email as a mandatory form of contact. This will yield higher response rates and more leads for you. Since many of our tools send information via email, it's only natural that your clients have an email address so that you can follow up with questions. Obviously if clients are using your tools, they must have Internet access. You can recommend they set up a free Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account if they do not have email.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
Our clients find it very intuitive and a breeze to navigate.
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