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Why am I not receiving emails sent from my tools?
There are a number of issues that could be causing this problem:

(1) It is very common that a subscriber will get a new email address but not update it within your account, so all forms are still being sent to the old email address. To check your current email address and update it, please log into your account and go to the Company Information page.

(2) Often times ISPs will not accept email if it comes from a malformed email address. So if you are testing your form and entering junk into the fields just to bypass the validation (i.e. "fjdkslfd"), it's likely you'll never see that email. Our servers send the email that way, but most ISPs will reject it. When you are testing a form, use a real, functional email address.

(3) Often times ISPs will not accept email if the "from" address matches the "to" address. This is similar to #1 above, another Spam precaution. So if you are testing your forms and are using your own email address in the email field, your ISP may be blocking the email. When you are testing a form, use an alternate, functional email address.

(4) Many times ISPs are running very slow due to the volume of email sent and received. For example, some of our subscribers using Hotmail have reported delays of hours in receiving their emails. There is really nothing that can be done for this except to perhaps switch to a different ISP.

(5) A client filled out a planning form, event timeline, or request list but you never received it. Remember, these tools allow your clients to save in addition to submit. It could be that your client filled out the form and saved it, but never submitted it to you which is why you never received the email. In this case, log into your account and go to the Event Information section. From there you can monitor all saved/submitted planning forms, timelines, and request lists. Only items in bold are the ones that have been submitted and should have been sent to your email.

(6) In some very rare cases, an ISP may block our mail server ( for whatever reason. If you are using a widely public service, such as Hotmail, it is not worth trying to contact their support department. The best thing to do is simply wait a day or two (and perhaps switch to an alternate email address in the meantime). If you are using a smaller, local ISP, it may be worth contacting their support department with the mail server above and ask them to remove any blocks in place.

(7) All of the auto-reply emails and wireless email notifications have "anti-flooding" technology in place. This means that, for example, if a prospective client is using the Quote Generator and adjusts their quote a dozen times, they will not receive a dozen auto-responders, nor will you receive a dozen wireless email notifications. Only one will be sent per computer per half hour period. The Quote Generator also contains an optional feature called "All Quotes" which allows you to specify whether you want to receive by email all modified quotes or just the first quote to prevent flooding. So if you are testing your tools, you will want to close your browser in between each test. In some cases you may have to re-boot your computer to reset the anti-flooding flag.

(8) If you use any sort of mail filtering on your local computer or at your ISP, please make sure you add * to your whitelist of approved email addresses, and/or and to your whitelist of approved mail servers. This will ensure you receive all emails sent from your tools. If you are unable to whitelist the entire domain, please whitelist these individual email addresses: support and mailer These are all automated, unattended email accounts used for sending mail from our system.

If you have checked all of the above and are still not receiving your forms, please contact us to troubleshoot further.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
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