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Can you add the ability to blackout only certain hours of a certain date?
The Availability Checker is a tool to help you get more leads. When you put the date box on the bottom of your web pages, you may see the quantity of web leads you receive increase by as much as 400% or more! This is because the Availability Checker serves as an effective "call to action" (in marketing terms). Statistics show that consumers won't go out of their way to click on a "Contact Us" link or a "Request Info" link. The Availability Checker overcomes this hurdle by drawing in the consumer with the ability to instantly check their event date.

The Availability Checker works so successfully because of its simplicity. Adding any additional fields to the date box will dramatically decrease the response rate (and has in individual case study testing).

Since adding an "Event Times" drop-down selection to the Availability Checker will significantly drop response rates, what we recommend is to not black out an entire day unless you are fully booked for that date. For example, if you are booked in the evening but can take an afternoon event, leave that date open. Remember, it's always better to receive the lead and have to tell the prospective client that you can't do it, than it is to not get the lead at all.

Also, as another option you could put on your "Sorry, we're unavailable..." page that if they are planning a morning or afernoon event they should still contact you because you may have availability (you could add a link to your contact form). To add custom HTML to your "Sorry, we're unavailable..." page, go to the Advanced Settings page of your account.

Many subscribers do not black out any days at all. They simply use the Availability Checker as a tool to receive more inquiries. In any case please keep in mind that its simplicity is what leads to is success.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
My business has BOOMED ever since I have joined the program.
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