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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I have my forms sent to multiple email addresses?

Yes, this is possible. All you will need to do is contact your ISP and have them set up an "alias" or mail forwarding for you. This is usually free of charge, and they can set up a single alias that forwards to multiple email addresses.

For example, if your company was XYZ DJs and your website was, you could have your ISP set up an alias such as which forwards to multiple people within your organization.

Once the alias is set up and working properly, just log into your account and update your email address on the Company Information page as show below:

NOTE: Putting multiple email addresses in the Email field on the Company Information page of your account WILL NOT function properly. Our system can ONLY accept a SINGLE email address.

Staff Email Field In Client Login

To have planners submitted by your clients go to multiple people (such as event staff and other vendors), use the "Staff Email" field in your Client Login to configure. Enter multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon as shown below:

Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
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