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Frequently Asked Questions
Can the mandatory fields on the contact forms be changed?
Right now, the only mandatory fields on all contact forms are name, email, event date, and event times. In the past, we performed a research study to determine what combination of mandatory fields would yield the highest response rates. We found that having any more mandatory fields than just name, email, event date, and event times would actually drastically reduce the response rates. In other words, a considerably less amount of people were willing to fill out a contact form if they were forced to fill in additional fields.

It was learned that because of privacy concerns, many individuals are not willing to fill out any form that forces them to enter their phone number, address, or other more personal information beyond their email address. In addition, when they were forced to enter a value into these fields, in most all cases they would simply enter junk into that field just to pass the validation, i.e. "jfdksljf" as their address.

Subscribers indicated that they would prefer to error on the side of caution, and receive more contact forms with potentially less information. It is always possible to contact a potential customer and ask them for additional information to process their request. And that is certainly a better solution than not having gotten the contact form at all.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
Clients have been raving about the ease of use and being able to do so much on-line.
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