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What is the purpose of the check availability notification?
The check availability notification email is a short email the system sends to you everytime someone checks a date on your website. The email will tell you the date the user checked, whether or not the system reported you were available, and the user's IP address. Note that there is absolutely nothing you can do with IP address to track it back to a specific person or email address! The purpose of the IP address is to simply help you detect fraud. If you notice a large number of random date checks by the same IP address, it could be a competitor of yours seeing how booked your company is and/or trying to get you to send them your information.

The check availability notification email can also help you to determine what your most popular dates are. If you are seeing that you are receiving check availabililty notifications for speicifc dates that you are already booked, it could be a great indication to you that you could expand your company, if desired.

In short, the check availability notification offers some valuable information regarding event dates, but unfortunately in no way can it be used to find out who is checking the date on your site.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
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