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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I integrate the tools using Geocities?
To integrate the tools on your website, the Code Builder page of your account will provide you with snippets of HTML code to be inserted into the HTML code of your web pages.

How to insert an website tool into your web page using Geocities

1. Sign into the Geocities website.
2. You can only insert an website tool into a page you have already created using either the PageWizard or PageBuilder solutions. Select and open the File Manager.
3. From here you can choose to use either the Basic HTML Editor or Advanced HTML Editor. You must choose the one in which your web page was initially created. (If you wish for instruction into how you insert your website tool using the Advanced HTML editor, please go to point 7.)
4. If you created your page using the Basic HTML editor, select Basic HTML editor in the File Manager. Select 'New' or check the box next to the file you wish to edit and select 'Edit'. This will take you into the Basic HTML editor for new or existing web pages.
5. Insert or paste your HTML snippet into any of the areas which can take the required length of text (for your HTML snippet) or any area marked 'HTML tags are allowed'.
6. Select 'Preview' to see your results. When you are happy with the changes, select 'Save'. You have now added a website tool to your web page.
7. If your web page was or is being created with the Advanced HTML Editor, first select Advanced HTML editor from within your File Manager. Check the page into which you wish to insert your website tool and select edit. You will be presented with an Advanced HTML Editor.
8. Scroll through the text on the editor, identify where on the page you would like to place your website tool and paste in the HTML snippet.
9. Select 'Preview' to see your results. When you are happy with the changes, select 'Save'. You have now added an website tool to your web page.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
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