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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the different integration methods?
There are many ways you can integrate the tools into your website, but they fall into two general categories, or a combination of both.

(1) DIRECT INTEGRATION - Using this method, you do not force your clients to log in to use your tools. Instead, you would link to each tool from your website separately, allowing anyone to access them. For example, you might have a "resources" page on your website which links to your music database, planning form, event timeline, etc. Your clients would simply access each one of these tools directly from your site and save their work using their email address.

(2) CLIENT LOGIN - Using this method, you would force your clients to "log in" to access your tools. Rather than linking from your website to each of your individual tools, you would instead create a link to the Client Area, the page where they can log in. For each of your clients you would need to set up a client login from inside of your account. When setting up the logins, you can select which tools each client will have access to. Clients log in using their event date and the password you've specified.

(3) COMBINATION - Under this method, you could link to specific "pre-booking" tools directly from your website. For example, you might want prospective customers to have access to your Availability Checker, Quote Generator, Booking System, Payment Gateway, Music Search, etc. You can then keep the "event planning" tools locked within the Client Area. For example, once an event is booked, you can set up a client login which would allow the client to access the event planning tools, such as the Music Database, Planning Form, Event Timeline, etc.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
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