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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Availability Checker work in conjunction with eWebmin?
When using the eWebmin back-end web-based administrative software to run your business, your Availability Checker with our software is automatically adjusted based on your real-time availability.

Three variables are considered when an event date check is done from your website: (1) How many systems have you told eWebmin you have available on any given day? (2) How many events do you have in "CONFIRMED" status for the date in question? (3) Has the date been manually added to the "Blackout Dates" menu in eWebmin?

If the number of systems booked for the date matches the max number of systems, OR the date has been manually added to the Blackout Dates screen, your Availability Checker on your website will report Sorry, there is no availability for the date of...

To set max events

1. Log in to eWebmin as the Admin (not a user)

2. From the Settings menu, select Preferences

3. On the first row, right column it will ask: Max Daily Events - set your variable here.

To manually blackout a date

Useful for blocking out bridal show dates/times, business trips, vacations, or other dates you cannot contractually perform but are not on your eWebmin calendar as "confirmed" events.

In eWebmin

1. Log in to eWebmin as a User (not an Admin).

2. Under the Manage menu, select Blackout Dates

3. Click the "Add New Blackout Dates" button on the right side.

In DJ Intelligence

1. Log into your account

2. Under the Tool Configuration menu, select Availability Checker

3. Blackout 1 date, a day-of-month (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday), a month-of-year (i.e. January, February, March), or an entire year (i.e. 2011, 2012).

NOTE: While either method will work, and will work simultaneously - it is recommended that in order to avoid confusion, you choose one method or the other.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
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