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Does DJ Intelligence use M3U Files?
This is a feature that has been developed for some time but was recently brought into the public spotlight by a handful of digital DJs. When uploading your music list to DJ Intelligence, you can optionally include the fully qualified path to your song files. When a client submits a request list online via the DJ Intelligence Music Database that contains songs with location data, the system will automatically email you a M3U file in addition to the standard CSV file. This M3U file is a universal file that most digital music programs will read in and establish a play list containing the selected songs. This means that the songs your clients have requested for their event will be automatically loaded into your digital DJ program, ready for your selection at their event.

Your clients will visit your website, create their request list, submit their list to you electronically which includes the M3U file, and you simply click on that file to load their music into your digital DJ program! For more information and full instructions on how to include the file location data in your upload file, please visit the Music Database Upload page of your account.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
Clients have been raving about the ease of use and being able to do so much on-line.
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