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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do some characters & symbols not appear appropriately on the page?
If characters and symbols such as copyright, registration mark, trade mark, US dollar, euro, pound or other characters are not appearing appropriately on screen - you may need to adjust your browser settings.

In Internet Explorer
View >> Encoding >> set to "Western European (Windows)"

In FireFox
View >> Character Encoding >> set to "Western (ISO-8859-1)"

In Google Chrome (Correct by default)
Wrench Icon (top right) >> Options >> TAB: "Under The Hood" >> under "Web Content" click the "Change Font and Language Settings" button >> under "Encoding" set to "Western (ISO-8859-1)"

In Safari
Gears Icon (top right) >> Preferences >> TAB: "Appearances" >> under "Default Encoding" select "Western European"

In Opera
View >> Encoding >> Western >> ISO-8859-1

* In many cases, Automatic Selection/Detection may work, if not - please set using the above hard-coding settings.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
Thank you for such an awesome DJ tool. I would be totally lost without it!
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