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Why am I receiving junk messages/spam sent through my website tools?
To verify that the junk messages you are receiving are in fact being sent through your website tools, please check the "from" address on the email messages. If they came from, that means they were in fact sent through your website tools. If they came "from" any other email address, this means it was likely a direct message sent to your email account separate from your website tools. Our system uses the automated email account to send all messages from your website tools.

Once you have verified that the messages are coming GǣfromGǥ, next you should double check to ensure that GǣImage Code ValidationGǥ is turned on. Image code validation will ask users of your website tools to enter a random code shown on the screen. This prevents automated robots (known as GǣspambotsGǥ) from submitting junk messages through your website forms. This setting can be found on the Master Settings page of your account. If this setting is set to GǣNoGǥ please set it to GǣYesGǥ and save your changes. The messages you were receiving were most likely being sent by spambots and turning on this feature will stop most of it from getting through.

If your Image Code Validation setting was already set to GǣYesGǥ and you are still receiving junk messages through your website forms, it is very likely that the messages are being sent by a real person. While this may seem strange, considering the messages themselves may seem to serve no purpose and have no point, there are actually rooms full of people overseas who do nothing but visit websites and fill out forms in an attempt to exploit security holes. Please rest assured that your website tools are safe and secure, protected behind a firewall and other security mechanisms. These spammers can cause no harm other than the inconvenience of the messages they are sending.

With that said, there is still action we can take. If you are receiving multiple messages and they all are coming from the same IP address (all of the forms sent from your website tools include the sender IP address), please contact us with the IP address(es) and we can put a temporary block on them. When the spammers see they have been blocked from your site, they will often move on to another site.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
Thank you for being progressive and continually improving your product.
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