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Frequently Asked Questions
Can my clients sign my contract electronically with an e-signature?
The Booking System works with any ESIGN/UETA/EC compliant electronic signature service, such as EchoSign, RightSignature, DocuSign, or Sertifi, just to name a few of the more reputable ones. EchoSign offers a free plan that lets you sign a limited number of contracts each month, but all of these services are reasonably priced if you have higher volume and recognize the advantages of e-signatures.

Why do we recommend using a 3rd party service...

E-signatures are highly complex, and if executed even slightly incorrectly, can result in your contract being invalid and your business being liable for any damages. Due to the nature of the special events industry and the liability involved, your business or personal assets could be at risk in the event of a claim should your contract be found invalid. Work with one of these reputable services who will ensure the complete and total legality and enforceability of your e-signatures.

Here's an example of how it works and how you can begin using it immediately...

For this example we will use EchoSign's free e-signature plan. First, set up your Booking System to use e-signatures:

1. Log into your account and visit the "Booking System" configuration page

2. Set the dropdown titled "Email Contract To" to "None" since this feature will not be used

3. If you prefer all of your contracts to be exclusively e-signed, set the "Signature Lines" dropdown to "No Signature Lines"

If you still would like to give your clients the option of signing on paper, leave this set to "Two Signature Lines" (or equivalent)

4. Create your free EchoSign account at

5. Bookmark the "Get a Document Signed" page at for quick access!

Now that you're all set up for e-signatures, let's take a look at a real life booking example:

1. You or your client visits your Booking System at and enters the event details

If you have your Quote Generator linked to your Booking System, you can start at

2. When the contract is displayed on screen, you'll receive the usual "Event Booking Form" notification email which contains a PDF version of the contract

3. Save the PDF to your desktop (for your records) then go to and press the "Get a Document Signed" link

4. Enter the recipient's email address, attach the PDF, and click "Send" -- Your contract is on it's way to the client to be e-signed!

Optional steps:

With EchoSign, you have the ability to specify whether you both sign the document or just the client, who signs first, and even the ability to place the signature block right on the signature line in the contract. These steps will take a few extra seconds each time to set up, but they are not required.

Here's what you and your client will see during the process...

This is the PDF version of your contract that is emailed to you

Go to EchoSign and quickly enter the client's email and attach the PDF

Your client receives an email and signs the contract safely and electronically with a single click

You'll receive an email letting you know you now have a signed, fully binding contract in your EchoSign account!

The bottom line...

The Booking System is a great tool to get your contract into your client's hands faster. By using fully enforceable e-signatures, you can further expedite the booking process and eliminate the need to fax or mail back the executed contract.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
I love how clean the look is and how 'bug free' your software is compared to what I used to use.
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