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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the "trending" option available in the Most Requested drop down menu?
Our "Trending" chart highlights songs that are trending at live events, but may not yet have enough requests to rank prominently on the Top 200. Unlike the Top 200 that is based on a full 12 months of data, the Trending chart is fluid and can change quickly. It's ranked not by quantity of requests, but by the intensity at which songs are trending. It is updated in real time based on millions of requests made around the world through the DJ Intelligence music request system.

The Trending chart already appears in your Music Database, Music Search, and Guest Request tools directly below the Top 200 Most Requested. You can check it out by visiting (replace "demo" with your account name).

The Trending chart also appears in the DJ Intelligence Event Viewer app, which you can download from the App Store at or Google Play at

Brides & party hosts can access the Trending chart in the Fun Wedding app, which is available for iOS and Android at

We hope you and your clients will find this to be a valuable tool for choosing music. Please share and enjoy!
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
The results and feedback from our clients was PHENOMENAL.
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