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DJ Intelligence features over a dozen interactive booking, planning, & management tools. Use only the tools you want or need. Customize the cosmetics to match the look & feel of your website (e.g. colors, font, logo). Customize the functionality to fit your needs (e.g. forms, questions, features).
Let clients search your music library and build up to four custom request lists!
If you're a DJ, band, or musician, your clients can use the Music Database to make online requests for their event. They can search by keyword or browse your entire catalog, using optional features to view song lyrics, listen to song samples, and view song suggestions from our Most Requested charts while building four custom request lists for their event (including a do not play list) and adding notes/dedications. Upload your own music list, if you have it. Or use our built-in default database of over 90,000 songs, updated weekly. Specify max number of requests per client. Request lists are savable for ongoing progress.
Coordinate every specific detail with your clients for a flawless event!
Allow clients to design and coordinate every specific detail of their event, from location and times to first dances and bridal party introductions. The Planning Form tool is a totally modifiable set of dynamic forms for weddings, parties, and special events. Clients can even save their event planner for continued progress. Upon completion, the event details get submitted to you and/or your staff electronically by email with a beautifully formatted printable report. Though we provide a default set of forms, you can create an unlimited number of your own forms with all of your own questions, laid out exactly as you wish.
Be the envy of all other vendors...know exactly what's happening, when!
The Event Timeline tool allows clients to specify the order of activities to take place at their event, from the start of cocktail hour to the last dance. When put in "timeline" mode, the client can suggest an exact time they wish an activity to take place. When put in "sequence" mode, the client can only specify the order of activities, without an exact time. Clients can save their timelines for continued progress. Upon completion, the timeline gets submitted electronically by email with a nicely formatted printable report. Though we provide a default set, you can create an unlimited number of your own timelines with your own activities.
Take control of your online reputation with controlled surveys & reviews!
The very best event professionals are in a constant state of improvement. The Satisfaction Survey tool allows you to solicit valuable feedback from past clients on your company’s strongpoints and weaknesses. The simple point & click survey interface quickly captures all the pertinent information and emails it directly to you. Additionally, all of the results are stored in a database for statistical tallying and the ability to showcase to future clients on your website, at your discretion. Though we provide a default set of surveys, you can create an unlimited number of your own surveys with all of your own questions and rankings.
Keep clients coming back to your website regularly to log in and plan their event!
The Client Area is an optional tool that ties all your event planning tools together under a single login. Some companies prefer to keep their planning tools in a password-protected area so only their booked clients can access them. You simply set up a login for your client and select which tools you want to appear. Your client will log in using their event date and the password you’ve specified. Upon logging in, they’ll be presented with a simple menu of planning tools for their event (e.g. request list, planning form, timeline). You can even specify a lockout date to ensure event information is submitted far enough in advance.
Make a great first impression on guests and gain valuable insight!
If you’re a DJ, band, or musician, the Guest Request tool lets you interact with guests of your upcoming events and gain insight into their musical tastes. Using an event code (and optional password) that you provide, guests can access the guest request list via your website. They can search or browse your catalog, view song lyrics, listen to song samples, and view song suggestions from our collection of Most Requested charts. Guests can only request as many songs as you allow, and only remove those songs that they’ve requested. Print out the guest request list before the event with all requests tallied up.
Keep clients informed and stand out as an authority in your industry!
Keep your clients informed on the latest news and updates from your company with the News Blog. Quickly publish articles to your website using a simple WYSIWYG editor. Clients can follow your new posts through the built-in RSS feed and easily share your content on all social media platforms using the integrated AddThis module. Readers can even comment on your posts with the optional Facebook social plugin, which is effective at preventing anonymous comments. Ideas for topics include company news and updates, how-to articles, industry trends, stories from past events, helpful tips, staff bios, and more.
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