DJ Intelligence
Common Questions
These are the most common questions we're asked by event professionals learning about DJ Intelligence. Have a question that's not answered here? Please let us know! Technical questions pertaining to the configuration, integration, and usage of DJ Intelligence can be found in our Knowledge Base.
Do I really need an interactive website?
Won’t something like this take the place of personal service?
Won’t this force me to give up too much control to the client?
What types of companies is DJ Intelligence designed for?
How do I add DJ Intelligence to my website?
Do I have to make any changes to my current website?
What if I don’t have a website yet?
Will DJ Intelligence tools match my website?
What if I don’t need all the tools you provide?
What if I’m not located in the U.S.?
Is the software customizable for my unique business?
Is my client information secure?
Do you backup my client information and settings?
Will DJ Intelligence work on a Mac, tablet, and smartphone?
Is your service reliable and dependable?
How accessible are you if I have questions or problems?
Will DJ Intelligence work with my business financial/management software?
Will DJ Intelligence be around next year?
How much does it cost?
Will DJ Intelligence make my website look like every other vendor site?
Can’t I just design something like this on my own?
Absolutely love DJ Intelligence! 5+ stars!
Media Medic