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DJ Intelligence is used in over two dozen countries worldwide by DJs, bands, musicians, entertainers, up-lighting providers, photo booth operators, wedding & event planners, videographers, and other event professionals. Check out real reviews from event professionals like you. Share your story!
We have been using DJ Intelligence for a couple of decades and love it! It has great improved our efficiently when it comes to booking events. The team has always stayed innovative and open for feedback! Thank you for all you do!"
Great Day Radio Photo Booth Party
Denver, CO
5 Star Review
Using Event Intelligence has helped so much with organizing my events. The customer service has been beyond phenomenal. Every time have a question it is answered very quickly. They also have listened and responded to my suggestions and requests."
SBC Event Services
Atlantic, IA
5 Star Review
DJ Intelligence is a game-changer for anyone in the DJ business, offering a comprehensive CRM system that streamlines client management, song organization, and event timelines. I've been using this platform for about a decade now, and it's safe to say that I can't imagine running my business without it. Before discovering DJ Intelligence, I relied on a mishmash of PDFs and Excel spreadsheets to manage my bookings, track song requests, and organize event details. The thought of transitioning to a new system initially made me hesitant-I'm someone who values comfort and dislikes change. However, once I made the switch, I quickly realized the immense benefits this platform offers. One of the standout features of DJ Intelligence is its ability to centralize all client information. From contact details to event specifics, everything is neatly organized in one place, making it easy to access and manage. This has drastically improved my efficiency and allowed me to provide a more personalized service to my clients. Additionally, the song organization capabilities of DJ Intelligence are second to none. I can easily create playlists, manage song requests from clients, and ensure that I have the perfect tracks lined up for each event. This level of organization not only impresses clients but also helps me deliver unforgettable experiences on the dance floor. Furthermore, DJ Intelligence simplifies the process of creating event timelines. With customizable templates and easy drag-and-drop functionality, I can quickly create detailed schedules for each event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Over the years, I've witnessed the evolution of DJ Intelligence, and I'll admit that I've been a bit of a fuddy-duddy about some of the changes. However, as the platform has grown and improved, I've softened my stance and come to appreciate the continuous enhancements and updates. The team behind DJ Intelligence is clearly dedicated to providing the best possible experience for users, and it shows in the platform's reliability and functionality. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend DJ Intelligence to anyone in the DJ business. It's a legitimate no-brainer. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this platform will revolutionize the way you manage your business and enhance the service you provide to your clients. Trust me-you won't regret making the switch. "
Midwest Event Partners
Columbus, OH
5 Star Review
We've been in the DJ business since 1992 and have been a proud member of DJ Intelligence for several years. We appreciate DJ Intelligence for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. When discussing our services with clients, we highlight the added benefit of online planning capabilities. DJ Intelligence enhances our credibility and professionalism."
Elite Entertainment
Kernersville, NC
5 Star Review
DJ Intelligence made my business preferred to non-digital businesses."
East West Connection DJ's
Panama City, FL
5 Star Review
DJ Intelligence helps my DJ business stay organized by allowing me to manage all my events in one place. My brides and grooms love to be able to use the online planner and update items right up to our planning meeting! Absolutely love DJ Intelligence! 5+ stars!"
Media Medic
Delaware, OH
5 Star Review
I have been a long time customer of DJ Intelligence. I can't remember not having it. At least for the last 10 Years. I can not imagine running My DJ business with out it. Great tool to work with your website! Great quick support."
Atlantic ProDJ & AV
Halifax, NS
5 Star Review
Just wanted to take the time & say how fantastic & organized my company has become on account of your services. Clients are thrilled with the ease of use on my website, as am I! You are all the best... fast and efficient. You have my business until it's not cool to DJ anymore!"
Monastero Entertainment
Chicago, IL
5 Star Review
I have been using DJ Intelligence for about 4-5 years and it has a been a great tool for our business and clients. It's very easy to work with to customize and streamline to our specific preferences. Our clients find it very intuitive and a breeze to navigate."
Elite Disc Jockeys
Santa Babrara, CA
5 Star Review
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your support department. I know you must have thousands of customers, but you make me feel like the I'm the only one. I have sent in three request so far and all were worked in a day. I'm extremely happy with the level of service and response time I receive."
King Studios
Weyers Cave, CA
5 Star Review
The program is awesome...already only in a few days we have INCREASED our business...its crazy how this program works! Thanks a million! We will definitely be working together for years to come!"
Windy City Mix
Chicago, IL
5 Star Review
I am a customer with two separate accounts for two websites and companies. I just wanted to take a brief minute to thank you for being progressive and continually improving your product. It is great to know you are working continuously to grow and improve your product."
Radio Parties
Gig Harbor, WA
5 Star Review
Your service has made my company and site look so professional that I can hardly keep up with new bookings. For instance, I received a message from a new client that's stationed in Iraq. She accessed my site and discovered that she could plan her August 15 wedding and select music through my site, selected a package and generated a quote, and booked on line. Can't get any better than that!"
Music Express Entertainment
Pickerington, OH
5 Star Review
I just want to say this is the best investment I have made next to the purchase of my gear. The applications DJ Intelligence offers is a life and death move of my business. So far, my clients have raved about the features, the simplicity of navigation and the fact they don't have to re-enter the entire form to make minor changes compared to when I was just using regular HTML forms. I would recommend this to anyone in the mobile DJ business!"
Doc Bryce Productions
Hot Springs, AR
5 Star Review
I just want to thank you so much for designing such a powerful tool in website design. My business has BOOMED ever since I have joined the program, making DJ's Direct one of the fastest growing mobile DJ companies in Indiana. Customers love the fact that they can plan online and see surveys about our service. This time last year we had 2 DJs and now we are up to 11."
DJ's Direct
Indianapolis, IN
5 Star Review
Just wanted to let you know that I took advantage of the trial offer and now have a full year's subscription and the new tools are a tremendous asset for me and my customers. I can't believe I waited this long. I can only assume that many who tried it out have hooked up with your wonderful product. I give DJ Intelligence an A+."
Blue Ridge Road Show
Jackson, MN
5 Star Review
I absolutely love your system! It has streamlined my business and I'm able to direct clients to my website for all of there booking, payment, and planning needs. The integrations with my site and yours is seamless. Clients have been raving about the ease of use and being able to do so much on-line. I have used every aspect of your service to create an 'interactive website' that clients have confidence using. The interaction will surely keep me ahead of my competition and prosper my business to new levels."
APE Entertainment
Wasilla, AK
5 Star Review
I have been a member for several years and have never taken the opportunity to thank you folks for such an awesome DJ tool. I would be totally lost without it. I am constantly hearing from the brides how much they enjoy using the tool as well, and that they have the ability to create their playlist for their special day."
Clement DJ Services
Ontario, Canada
5 Star Review
I get a lot of compliments from clients on how easy the tools are to use and couldnt do as much business without them."
DJs on a Dime
Valley Glen, CA
5 Star Review
I was very pleased with how quickly the database was available to me and the short time required to get it running. Customizing was a snap. I immediately saw it as a very useful tool for my business. You guys are proving to be the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you and I look forward to a long association with you and your product."
Class Act DJ Service
Alberta, Canada
5 Star Review
I decided to make the switch to your service. I love how clean the look is and how 'bug free' your software is compared to what I used to use which was loaded with inconsistencies and errors in the script. I use a Mac with either Firefox or Safari and your software works great on both of them in comparison."
Marek's DJ Service
Rapid City, SD
5 Star Review
I jumped aboard DJ Intelligence a few years ago and was hesitant at first to pay for a service like this, however I'm so glad I joined. This service will streamline your DJ business and makes it easier to work with your clients. This is 100% worth the fee and you will renew the service once you experience all the value they provide."
Bobby Freedom Entertainment
Farmington, NH
5 Star Review
I've used DJ Intelligence for years. As a sole operator, it's enabled me to build a very efficient business serving a multi-state area while never getting less than a 5-star review. The software is rock-solid and dependable. I highly recommend it."
Rob Winger DJ
New Philadelphia, OH
5 Star Review
We have bean very happy with you service and so have our clients."
Diamond T Productions
Olathe, KS
5 Star Review
Before using DJ Intelligence, my booking process was very sloppy and unorganized. Once I started using DJ Intelligence, my booking process was professional. The features that come with this application are simple to use. I'm highly impressed with all the new features DJ Intelligence has implemented. The automated emails, the colored reports. The biggest feature I like is the Spotify linking. My clients have been so impressed by it. Couldn't be happier with this product."
DJ Damien Events
Savannah, GA
5 Star Review
If you're looking to improve the results you get on the web you owe it to yourself to check out DJ Intelligence!
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